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Designed to extend the life of your mattress whilst adding an extra layer of comfort to your bed.

Our Premium Mattress Protector will help keep your mattress clean and protected whilst adding an extra layer of comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Customers choose to buy a mattress protector because it will keep spills and discolouration away from your mattress, protecting form general wear and tear and prolonging its life.

Do you want to have a good night sleep without having to worry about accidental spills, stains and moisture on your mattress ….

Don’t worry, we are here.

Just give us the size of your bed and we will give you a satisfying sleep, because when it comes to sleep, its personal.

If you want to keep your luxury mattress clean – you will find what you need from the team at The Mattress Protector USA

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What Is A Mattress Protector?

They protect your mattresses from unexpected and unwanted stains caused by baby blow outs, spilled drinks or your adorable pet’s unadorable paw marks.

Thise mattress protector will perfectly protect mattresses from sweat, wetness and accident liquid and it is also an optimal hygiene protection for your mattress. Easy to clean, machine washable at 30-40℃.

Accordingly, these protectors elongate the life of your mattresses and are perfect for daily usage.

Premium Mattress Protector for USA

We believe everyone deserves a comfortable and good night’s rest. The microfibre cover is filled with soft and bouncy hollowfibre to add an extra layer of cushioned comfort. The protector features a fitted shirt which hugs the corners of the mattress for a secure fit covering the sides for complete coverage.

Every single detail to customize the maximum comfort. Stretchable knitted skirt design guarantees a secure fitness for mattress depths 40cm/16 inches and gives protection for the top and sides of your mattress. The cover side is also waterproof. Easy to put on and take off. Doesn’t slide around and wrinkle up. Our mattress protector are less likely to tear and pill than traditional cotton sheets.

The quilted cover is covered in microfibre and is filled with soft and comfortable hollowfibre which helps to add an extra layer of cushioned comfort to your mattress. The protector has an elasticated skirt which is easy to fit, simply stretching over the corners of your mattress and will fit extra deep mattresses.


This mattress protector is filled with a layer of hollow fibre for extra comfort at bedtime. The fibre is made from 100% recycled materials which are cleaned and purified to help the planet.

Fitted Skirt

The protector’s fitted skirt offers complete protection to your mattress fitting securely and wrapping round the sides of your mattress. Our hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector double features smooth skirt design which ensures to fit mattresses up to 40cm/16 inches deep. It has elastic attached to pull in the borders of the deep pockets to make it easy to stretch and fit the base of the mattress. This works like a fitted sheet, wrapping right round your mattress.

Machine Washable

Keep your mattress feeling fresh and clean for longer the Quilted Mattress Protector is easy to care for, you can machine wash this at home at 40°C. Our mattress protector has a plush texture and is easy to maintain. Machine & Hand washable – Tumble dry at low temperature and please no bleach or iron

Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

This protector is hypoallergenic so you can relax knowing it does not contain any materials that are likely to cause allergies.

Our Mattress Protector provides you with a heavenly sleeping experience. It has been made with high-loft polyester fiberfill that fluffs incredibly to give you cozy feel and most relaxing sleep. The top is made of brushed microfiber fabric that gives superior comfort against your skin.

With this quilted mattress protector, you can revitalize an aging mattress, change the softness or firmness, or give yourself an extra layer of luxury to sleep on. Sitting on top of the mattress, under your sheets, it offers extra padding and comfort that could make all the difference to your quality of sleep. Suited for personal use or a guest bed, the polyester quilted mattress protector makes a versatile addition to your home.

Walls between top and bottom layers prevent polyester filling from clumping and shifting and assures that it remains evenly distributed below you cushioning your pressure points while you slowly drift off into a heavenly sleep.

Smooth Grip Skirt System fits mattresses up to 40 cm deep. Unlike other skirt systems, Smooth-Grip works like a fitted sheet, wrapping right round your mattres. Our Mattress Protector is made keeping breath-ability in mind. It traps moisture and promotes conditions that are conducive to a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Drift off to a peaceful comfy sleep surrounded by the comfort of our soothing and lofty quilted mattress protector. Snuggle away with your partner for a cozy and restful night’s sleep with our architecturally designed Mattress Protector that promotes easy movement while adding a cloud-like surface to the bed simultaneously.

Washing Instructions

Wash the mattress protector on a gentle or delicate setting with two rinse cycle, using cold water. Add a small amount of mild or all-natural detergent. Too much soap can strip the pad, so be sparing.

Dry the mattress protector in a large capacity dryer on the lowest temperature setting possible to prevent shrinkage or stretching of the elastic. This will take 2-3 hours, but you want to make certain that the quilted mattress protector is completely dry before putting to bed.