Mattress Cover – Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading mattress protector supplier to homes & businesses across the US – here are some of the common questions we get asked.


What is a Mattress Protector?

They protect your mattresses from unexpected and unwanted stains caused by baby blow outs, spilled drinks or your adorable pet’s unadorable paw marks.

A mattress protector will perfectly protect mattresses from sweat, wetness and accident liquid and it is also an optimal hygiene protection for your mattress. Easy to clean, machine washable at 30-40℃.

Accordingly, these protectors elongate the life of your mattresses and are perfect for daily usage.

What are the benefits of having a mattress protector?

A great way to ensure the long life of your mattress whilst adding a layer of protection and offering supreme comfort. Our Mattress Protectors offer protection against dust-mite and are anti-allergenic to suit all people. Containing a hollow fibre filling to offer extra comfort matching the soft quality offered in 5* hotels. 

Our mattress protectors come with miracle membrane protection that is water proof, air and vapor porous to ascertain airflow that keeps your mattress smelling good and breathable. They are also absorbent and offers superior protection against bed wetting.

How do you install a Mattress Protector?

Installing a Mattress Protector is extremely easy.

The protector’s fitted skirt offers complete protection to your mattress fitting securely and wrapping round the sides of your mattress. Our hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector double features smooth skirt design which ensures to fit mattresses up to 40cm/16 inches deep.

It has elastic attached to pull in the borders of the deep pockets to make it easy to stretch and fit the base of the mattress. This works like a fitted sheet, wrapping right round your mattress.

Is this washable?


Machine & Hand washable – Tumble dry at low temperature and please no bleach or iron

Keep your mattress feeling fresh and clean for longer the Mattress Protector is easy to care for, you can machine wash this at home at 40°C. Our mattress protector has a plush texture and is easy to maintain.

What is the proper care for the Mattress Protector?

1.Make life easier and buy two sets of protectors for each bed. That way you can rotate between washes and keep your bedding in tip-top condition.

2. Machine washable ( Frequent washing is not recommended. We suggest a dry cleaning by professional dry cleaners every 2 years.)

3. Please match mattress protector or fitted sheet to protect the clean mattress topper.

Wash the mattress protector on a gentle or delicate setting with two rinse cycle, using cold water. Add a small amount of mild or all-natural detergent. Too much soap can strip the pad, so be sparing.

Dry the mattress protector in a large capacity dryer on the lowest temperature setting possible to prevent shrinkage or stretching of the elastic. This will take 2-3 hours, but you want to make certain that the quilted mattress protector is completely dry before putting to bed.

Mattress Protector – a chemical-free way to a dust mite-free bedtime.

Dust mite protection that makes bedtime a happier, healthier occasion for everyone. It protects your mattress with a specially-developed fabric that’s breathable yet impenetrable to dust and dust mites.

No mites allowed, this mattress protector is made with a super-dense yet breathable fabric that’s impenetratable to dust and dust-mites. Made with synthetic materials, it acts like a solid barrier – each microfilament is 100x smaller than a human hair, to create a physical barrier that stops allergens reaching you from your mattress.

Not to be Sneezed at, thanks to the way this protector shields sleepers from potential dust mites in their mattress, it’s an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. And because it contains absolutely zero chemical treatments to scare off dust mites, it’s perfect for protecting sensitive sleepers on pre-loved mattresses and for preventing dust mites a new mattress.

Light Protection, the combination of polyster wadding and innovative cover protects your bedding from night-to-night use for a longer lasting mattress

The Look & Feel

Gently Does It

You’d never think this protector was working so hard – a layer of polyester wadding adds extra comfort with a flat profile across your mattress. The fabric for this protector might be impassible for even the most determined dust mite, but thanks to its microscopic pores it’s fully breathable for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Mattress protectors makes sure that nothing is left out to give you the perfect sleep by introducing an extra loft and a non woven back.

They fit like a glove on your mattress with an elastic all around that secures the protector into position and gives you flexible mobility as it stays in its rightful place. The super-protective fabric covers both the top and bottom of this protector, leaving sleeping beauties completely protected. Attach the mattress protector to your mattress with the elasticated jersey skirt.

Comfort that matches safety

Our mattress protectors are made with comfort in mind which is the reason we go the extra mile to insert deep pockets and fill them with polyester filling for added softness and fluffiness. They are ideal for pregnant women, babies and senior citizens. These protectors are easy to maintain and are suitable for daily use as the material is made of brushed microfiber fabric which is comfortable and soft to touch.

Noiseless texture makes sure your sleep is not disturbed by your partner’s movement and gives a quality personal sleep experience. Comes with smooth grip skirt that is easy to pull on and to stay in shape with their 360 degree elasticized coverage. Easy to handle and maintain. Protectors are 30 cm deep to ensure maximum protection of the mattress and gives the ‘perfect fit’ look.

You can modify an aging mattress or give an extra padding to your mattress with these protectors so that they retain their natural quality. They are also breathable and stretchable so that you have the right conditions for the sleep of your dreams.



1. Take it easy

Make life easier and buy two sets of protectors for each bed. That way you can rotate between washes and keep your bedding in tip-top condition.

2. Pull back the Covers

Keep things healthy by airing your bed each day. Half an hour or so while you’re showering and getting dressed should do the trick. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner.

3. Keep it clean

Your protector will work hardest for you if you wash it regularly. We recommend every 3-4 weeks. You can wash these protectors at 40°C, although we’d recommend you wash it at 30°C for a greener way to stay clean. This protector is not suitable for dry cleaning.

4. Dry as a Bone

Dry completely before use. The carded fill of this protector is sewn in place but leaving moisture in the protector for longer than necessary can damage the fill and cause it to clump.